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I wonder how many people, as I did, found themselves thrown into confusion by the death last week of Jean Ichbiah (pictured), inventor of Ada.  Learning that the inventor of a computer programming language is already old enough to have lived 66 years (Ichbiah was 66 when he succumbed to brain cancer) is a little like learning that your 11-year-old daughter has grown up and left home or that the first car you ever bought no longer is legal because it runs on gasoline in an age where all automobiles must run on water. How can something as novel, as new, as a computing language possibly already be so old-fangled that an early practitioner like Ichbiah can already no longer be with us? The thought was so disquieting that it took me immediately back to the last time I wrote about Ichbiah, and indeed about Ada Lovelace for whom his language was named. It was in the context ... (more)

Time to Build iPhone Applications Using Web 2.0 Technologies!

Kevin Hoffman's Blog I was sitting down the other night contemplating what I was going to do for a good sample iPhone application when I realized, I'm not just building an iPhone application anymore. That's right - I'm actually building applications that work on the iPod Touch as well. Seriously, let's run this down bullet-style: iPod touch comes with Wi-Fi access iPhone comes with Wi-Fi access and EDGEiPod touch comes with Safari iPhone comes with SafariiPod touch has multi-touch interface, which includes tapping, pinching and flicking iPhone has multi-touch interface So, for those of you who were on the fence about building iPhone applications using Web 2.0 technologies, think about this: Your potential list of application users is about to grow beyond users of the iPhone, and will include a crapload of people buying new iPods. If you think about the ubiquitous nat... (more)


C# 3.0 represents a radical new approach to .NET development. The new language features were added primarily to support Language Integrated Query (LINQ), allowing you to query data using the same constructs regardless of where the data is currently stored. However, you'll find that there are many things you can do with these new features outside of queries. There's a learning curve for these new features, but by adopting them you'll find that you can be much more productive than you ever were in earlier versions of C#. In this article, I'll give you a whirlwind tour of C# 3.0 language features, and how you can leverage them in your work. After that I'll discuss the LINQ project and show you how these features are used to build LINQ. You'll see that they are simpler, more concise syntax for constructs you already use today. That will give you a big start up that lear... (more)

How to install Linux over a network

(LinuxWorld) -- Linux doesn't exist in a vacuum. The PC industry remains driven by Microsoft and the ever-upward hardware requirements of each successive transmogrification of Windows. Linux distribution developers recognize this and expend great effort attempting to ensure each new release of their product installs and configures more easily than previous versions -- on well-equipped, late-model PCs. That's a good thing, but as a result recent Linux converts have never installed Linux on the sort of minimal hardware that makes Linux server-centrism so cost effective: Aged 486s and first-generation Pentiums with little RAM and no CD-ROM drive. In Part 4, we ripped into the nuts and bolts of post-installation Linux PC X terminal configuration. For those whose powerful network still lies dormant for lack of an installed operating system on the desktop machines, we tu... (more)

Mobile Operators Seek Incremental Revenue from the Mobile Internet

Mobile operators are in a precarious position. Airtime revenue is decreasing faster than fixed costs, and competitors are multiplying. Not only is there high overhead for customer acquisition, but retention costs are also increasing. Mobile operators need to act now to ensure that they can derive the incremental revenue streams they need to survive. While there remains no question about the effect it will have on the way people transact with each other, the mobile Internet's slower-than-anticipated uptake has had an immediate impact on a number of businesses. Because of this, many enterprises have taken a slow and more strategic approach to rolling out wireless services. Mobile operators do not share the luxury of a slow approach. In North America and around the world, the mobile operator space has seen increased competition, bringing great results for mobile users -... (more)

A Strategy For The Future

WLDJ: Could you tell us about your new role as BEA's overall CTO and what you think are your challenges in the next year? SD: I've been given a great opportunity to take the position of CTO for the overall company BEA is investing in areas on all levels of the application server that is becoming ever more critical to our enterprise customers, especially in the area of integration. With the emergence of J2EE standards around adapters and the new XML technologies around Web services and workflow, the industry is reaching critical-mass technology for standardizing the way the application and DB2 integration is done. Today, integration is a very fragmented, proprietary market, one that causes a lot of pain to our large end-user customers, our large systems integrator partners, and in fact a lot of our independent software vendors. This is due to the complexity of integr... (more)

Katrina Update: Cingular Wireless Reports Service Fully Restored in Many Areas

Cingular Wireless, a joint venture between SBC Communications Inc. and BellSouth Corporation,  reported on Monday that cell phone coverage continues to improve in those areas hit hard by Hurricane Katrina. Service in Mobile, Ala. and Jackson, Miss. is fully restored, and the majority of coverage capacity has been reestablished in and around Biloxi, Miss. Cingular crews are on the ground in New Orleans. Some calls are going through in the city and surrounding areas, including Hammond and Houma, La., but at reduced levels. New Orleans remains the company's top priority, and more than 800 network technicians are deployed across the Gulf States to support full service restoration as soon as possible. Cingular also is using microwave and satellite connections to restore service in parts of New Orleans, and is re-rerouting calls outside of New Orleans as needed. The compa... (more)

A Real-Time Physical Inventory Solution Using PocketBuilder, ASA, and a Wi-Fi Connection

Why do a physical inventory? A physical inventory count is necessary to reconcile the quantity on hand stored in a database versus what is really on the shelf. In a retail environment, this process is typically done once a year. In a perfect world, these values would always be in sync. The value would be decremented when items are sold and incremented when items are received. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Consider shrinkage, shoplifting, and, my personal favorite, software bugs. Through a case study, this article will show how easy it is to architect a wireless real-time PocketBuilder application to replace a hardware-based data collection device used for physical inventory updates to an enterprise database. Specifically, a Symbol PPT8800 Pocket PC will be compared and contrasted to an American Micro M5000 Laser barcode scanner. We will show how the Po... (more)

Infragistics Joins AJAXWorld Conference As Gold Sponsor

SYS-CON Events announced that Infragistics joined the First International AJAXWorld Conference & Expo as "Gold Sponsor." Infragistics has been the market leader in the presentation layer components industry for over 17 years, and has matured into a multi-platform Enterprise Software products and services vendor with global reach in nearly every Fortune 2000 company. Infragistics empowers developers to build great application user interfaces for the JSF, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and WPF platforms, and additionally offers user interface test tools, support, training and consulting services. Infragistics No-Touch AJAX Platform Infragistics Inc. recently purchased an AJAX-based JavaServer Faces (JSF) user interface component suite from Otrix SARL. The Otrix development team has joined with Infragistics to develop market and support NetAdvantage for JSF, a new user interf... (more)

Personal Branding Checklist

This is a checklist of items you need for an all-encompassing personal branding strategy. Personal branding is the process of marketing and selling yourself as a brand in order to gain success in business. Personal branding is a continual process just as knowing yourself is a continual process. As you grow, so does your brand. The need for personal branding arises from the fact that globalization has increased competition in the workplace. As the wheat is separated from the chaff, if you are left standing, you are left standing with others of good caliber. The playing field is now that much more challenging since your competition is as good as, or better, than you. To paraphrase David Samuel, the bloke who got me into personal branding after I saw him speak a few years ago; he spoke about of why you need personal branding. His audience was a group from a large teleco... (more)

Multi-Core Debugging and Performance Enhancement

Computer systems have fully entered the age of multi-core processing. This trend was examined in a white paper entitled, "Preparing for the Revolution, Maximizing Dual-Core Technology." While much of the focus had been on dual-core processors, Intel has now delivered quad-core processors and AMD has announced quad-core availability in 2007. Software developers who are just taking advantage of multiple processors also need to be looking ahead since even larger multi-core platforms will reach the market soon. This new technology puts additional pressures on complex applications. In essence, the push beyond dual-cores has made the choice of development tools a key factor for successful projects. When writing multi-core software, there are two important issues facing software developers. The first and most familiar is correctness of the program, i.e., does the program ... (more)