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Motorola has announced it has signed a contract with Airwave O2 to supply Motorola MTC100 PDAs (personal digital assistants) that operate on TETRA (TErrestrial Trunked RAdio) networks. The agreement is the world’s first commercial contract for TETRA PDAs. Motorola will start the shipment at the end of 2006. Running a suite of applications developed by O2 Airwave, these secure and rugged PDAs will help deliver critical intelligence to front-line workers in the police and other emergency services to enhance safety and effectiveness. The Motorola MTC100 will host a number of mobile applications intended to help police officers spend more time on visible, active patrol and increase their productivity. Software applications will be developed by O2 Airwave and will operate through its existing mobile applications gateway, delivering a solution that will help achieve a... (more)

Bitstream Releases AJAX Enabled Cross Media Publishing Tool

(SYS-CON Media) - Bitstream, provider of variable data and Web-to-print software for personalized marketing, announced the release of Pageflex Storefront 5, a major release of the product that gives print service providers and corporate marketing departments an easy-to-use system to develop, implement, and manage attractive Web-to-print document customization and purchasing sites. Pageflex Storefront 5 introduces unified cross media support for producing personalized HTML and print documents. Pageflex Storefront 5 introduces the use of AJAX for displaying bitmap document previews. As end users customize a document they can see a dynamic update of the on-screen preview with each piece of content they enter or select.  In addition to integrated support for HTML documents, Pageflex Storefront 5 also introduces new features that provide graphic design, document manipul... (more)

Who Are The All-Time Heroes of i-Technology?

I wonder how many people, as I did, found themselves thrown into confusion by the death last week of Jean Ichbiah (pictured), inventor of Ada.  Learning that the inventor of a computer programming language is already old enough to have lived 66 years (Ichbiah was 66 when he succumbed to brain cancer) is a little like learning that your 11-year-old daughter has grown up and left home or that the first car you ever bought no longer is legal because it runs on gasoline in an age where all automobiles must run on water. How can something as novel, as new, as a computing language possibly already be so old-fangled that an early practitioner like Ichbiah can already no longer be with us? The thought was so disquieting that it took me immediately back to the last time I wrote about Ichbiah, and indeed about Ada Lovelace for whom his language was named. It was in the context ... (more)

Multi-Core Debugging and Performance Enhancement

Computer systems have fully entered the age of multi-core processing. This trend was examined in a white paper entitled, "Preparing for the Revolution, Maximizing Dual-Core Technology." While much of the focus had been on dual-core processors, Intel has now delivered quad-core processors and AMD has announced quad-core availability in 2007. Software developers who are just taking advantage of multiple processors also need to be looking ahead since even larger multi-core platforms will reach the market soon. This new technology puts additional pressures on complex applications. In essence, the push beyond dual-cores has made the choice of development tools a key factor for successful projects. When writing multi-core software, there are two important issues facing software developers. The first and most familiar is correctness of the program, i.e., does the program ... (more)

Nick Carr's Cloud-Network Disconnect

Virtualization and cloud computing are promising to change the way in which IT services are delivered and, in effect, transform computing as we know it today.  I think the promises are likely to come true, if and only if critical technology issues are addressed. Nicholas Carr told a recent audience at IDC Directions that "Cloud computing has become the center of investment and innovation."   While he is not a technologist, his sometimes shocking insight into the transformation of IT have been prescient, even if he doesn't sweat the details of how complex IT infrastructures can morph into the equivalent of today's public utilities. To his credit Carr has predicted the rise of the cloud computing press release, multiple cloud conferences and panels and even the SaaS repositioning exercise.  He also foresaw the rise in Amazon and Google cloud announcements, perhaps year... (more)

Dear Slashdot: You Get What You Pay For

Open Source SSL Accelerator solution not as cost effective or well-performing as you think o3 Magazine has a write up on building an SSL accelerator out of Open Source components. It's a compelling piece, to be sure, that was picked up by Slashdot and discussed extensively. If o3 had stuck to its original goal - building an SSL accelerator on the cheap - it might have had better luck making its arguments. But it wanted to compare an Open Source solution to a commercial solution. That makes sense, the author was trying to show value in Open Source and that you don't need to shell out big bucks to achieve similar functionality. The problem is that there are very few - if any - commercial SSL accelerators on the market today. SSL acceleration has long been subsumed by load balancers/application delivery controllers and therefore a direct comparison between o3's Open ... (more)

Mobile App or Mobile Web

Since the launch of iPhone the mobile industry has been in a flux. It has witnessed lot of innovations since then. Today, more choices are available to the user than ever before which has resulted in a fragmented market. It has complicated matters for every organization which wants to reach out to their consumers through mobile. There are too many platforms to be supported and there is no standardization. Some industry segments have not made any significant move to reach out to their consumer through mobile platform and are playing a waiting game – waiting for the technology to mature. However, travel industry cannot afford to do that. Mobile phone is a personal device – more personal than the “personal” computer. You might lend your PC to coworker or a friend for few hours but can you imagine lending your mobile phone? Travel is also a personal activity. Nobody else... (more)

New Xandros CEO Has Big Linux Plans

Andreas (Andy) Typaldos has just been appointed CEO of Xandros - developer of installation-friendly, Linux-based operating environments offering Windows compatibility - by its board of directors. The 30-year technology veteran and entrepreneur founded of AxsOne (formerly Computron), a global software firm supplying Fortune 500 companies with financial services, financial applications, workflow, and data-management applications, and was an early investor through Linux Global Partners in Ximian, Xandros, and CodeWeavers. He is also Chairman/Managing Member of Enikia, a state-of-the-art system-on-a-chip semiconductor company focused on delivering broadband and multi-media distribution over electrical power lines. “Xandros has a top product, many Microsoft users are waiting for," Typalso says. "The touch and feel of their known Windows desktop, with the stability and s... (more)

Francois Bancilhon on Mandrakesoft

In this interview, LWM Editor-in-Chief Kevin Bedell speaks with Francois Bancilhon, CEO of Mandrakesoft, about the success they've had over the past year...and how they plan to build upon it. LWM: Tell us a little bit about Mandrakesoft and how you got involved with them.  Francois Bancilhon: I've been with Mandrakesoft for about a year. I joined at a time when the company was in deep financial trouble, and I joined to help fix it. That's what we've done over the year. We announced today our first positive financial result over a quarter in the last five years. It's a result of very hard work from the entire team; moreover, it's a signal that we've fixed the company and brought it back from where it was. The company's generating more cash than it's spending. LWM: Congratulations. You're a Paris-based company, correct? Bancilhon: We're Paris based; we have people all o... (more)

Carrier Grade Linux - The Next Generation

A transformation is taking place in telecommunications to meet the demands of new voice and data technologies. These technologies include Voice-over-IP (VoIP), the packet-switched alternative to old-fashioned circuit-switched telephony. To enable VoIP traffic, application servers must provide carrier-grade reliability that guarantees high service availability (99.999% uptime or better). These systems must also scale to handle hundreds of thousands of calls and provide predictable performance and high speech quality. The telecommunications industry is undergoing enormous changes as equipment providers migrate from proprietary platform architectures to open software environments and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) platform architectures. Open software and COTS hardware are seen as a means for rapidly deploying new voice and data services, while cutting capital expens... (more)

Carle Foundation Hospital Improves Availability of Medical Care With Marconi's ViPr Virtual Presence System

PITTSBURGH, April 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Marconi Corporation plc (LONDON: MONI) announced today that Carle Foundation Hospital has purchased the Marconi ViPr(TM) Virtual Presence System - a flexible, easy- to-use, high-resolution video telephony and multimedia communications platform - to make medical care more available and deliver it more efficiently to Carle's 38-county coverage area in central Illinois. The new system will enhance Carle Foundation Hospital's existing telemedicine program. Since 1993, Carle Foundation Hospital has offered patient consults and video conferencing at 15 sites throughout east central Illinois. But the need for easier and more efficient ways to connect patients with physicians led Carle administrators to the ViPr system. "We have demonstrated ViPr to our regional primary care physicians, to our retired physicians, and to just abo... (more)